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this is “Joseph OLi“, computer programmer and soft developer since 2000, founder of this Studio “OL1 Software“.


Easy-to-use and powerful quiz game, soccer theme. For Android.

Excelente juego tipo “Quién quiere ser millonario” sobre fútbol, en español, inglés y francés; con numerosas fotografías, y GRATIS!!

Instalalo aquí:

Free and funny.

FREE VERSION / v1.0 / Android (Español English –

  • Who? I run this little software developing company, located in Madrid (Spain – Europe).
  • Also I work as Freelance (developing, e-learning and more) at ZZ MULTIMEDIA www.zz-multimedia.com )
  • How? I develop for Mobile devices and windows.
  • Where? You can find OL1 Software apps always on this website, on “Google Play Store” and in “Softpedia”.
  • Contact? go to “Contact” section or write to: “email (at) ol1software.com”

Proud of presenting you some useful apps, like text editors, keyboard helps and some other utilities and also games.

I am located on Madrid (Spain, also Europe), making software on Delphi (Pascal, since “Borland Delphi 7” to “Embarcadero Delphi XE”) , and C# (Visual Studio, Unity).

Also, I make “things” on Python, Basic and Assembler.

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