“Break Free” Game Review

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This is Joseph Oli form OL1 Software (www.ol1software.com) @ol1software

Today we’re checking and playing another Android game.

Its a Puzzle-Tetris like game, named “BREAKFREE” (Puzzle).

It has very nice graphics, very smooth and play-style music, and like all games some pro and some cons.

A little screenshot of the game and continue  this review, including video:

You can read Developers review here:



We have here a very interesting and fun Tetris like game.

It has an addictly play style, very common, but well developed: you must tap on the screen on 3 Blocks of same colour (or more) to destroy this part.

The goal of the game is to stay as long as possible avoiding block line arriving to the top.


You can check an ingame video:

Developer is Jane, a Boston developer, which has maked an incredible work with this game “BreakFree”; its a good game to install and play some time. And its free.

You can check her twitter at:  https://twitter.com/BreakFreeApp

She has a full review of her game at this blog:

Some sreenshots:




:My Opinion:

Its a well-designed game, nice nice graphics, and Free.
If you are interested on Tetris-like game, thats a good choice to play it.

Also, it has a very nice thing, its free, and nice.

Lets check Good and Needs:

* Very Nice graphics.
* Good-looking interface, easy.
* Great FX Sounds and funny.
* Its free!.
* No ads!

* Maybe adjust speed and/or some levels of diffcult (easy/hard/etc).
* “The name”, if you search BreakFree on Playstore it launches other games before this.

PLAY:                7.8/10
GRAPHICS:   8/10
SOUND:           8/10
ADS:                  10/10
FINAL:  #8.45#

You can install it “BREAKFREE” on the Google PlayStore:


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