“El Chavo” Game Review (Android)

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This is Joseph Oli form OL1 Software (www.ol1software.com)

Today we’re checking and playing an Android-platforms game named “El Chavo”.

Its a Mario-style game, nice graphics, nice fx, some pro and some cons.

A little screenshot of the game and continue the reading of the review: analysis, screenshots, in-game video and so on!









“El Chavo” refers to a very well-known TV comedy character on some Latin-American countries; here you can vuew a resume: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_Chavo_del_Ocho

With that theme its maked this Platform game, a Mario style one, very similar to the Nintendo classic, with some enemies, some obstacles and so on.

You can check an ingame video:

Developer is Leviriagusoff

Some sreenshots:








:My Opinion:

Its a good game, thats a fact, and free. If you are bored and/or you are a platform game fan, it will be good for you.

It isnt a great original game, neither a non-stop addictly game, but its interesting to a little time pass.

Lets check Good and Wrong:

* Nice graphics and character movement.
* Good interface, easy and nice.
* Its free! and little size.
* Many levels! There are 4 screens full of levels.

* Many ads! every screen transition you have to see a video.
* Hard! You start with only One life!
* If you lose you “DIE” (awful title! the game shows you to tell you its Game Over).

PLAY:                5.7/10
GRAPHICS:   7/10
SOUND:           7/10
ADS:                  3.9/10
FINAL:  #5.9#

You can install it “EL CHAVO” on the Google PlayStore:


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