“Space Trader” game review

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This is Joseph Oli form OL1 Software (www.ol1software.com) @ol1software

Lets review an Android game.

Its a classic one, very popular on old Palm-OS systems.







Its a buy-sell game, trading with some things, its “Space Trader”.

It hasnt very nice graphics, but the main thing its the vintage play.

A little screenshot of the game and continue this review:



We have here a good and simple trading game.

It remembers old Palm-OS game, space trader, where you fly through space, from one planet to other, buying and selling things like firearms, foods, also illegal as narcotics.

The goal of the game is to win as much money as you can, you can also buy other ships to fly faster and more cargo.


If you search “Space Trader” on PlayStore, you will find many games, but today I have made the review for this one.

Developer is Bruce from BRUCELET.com, you can check his website on: http://spacetrader.brucelet.com/

He also gives, for free. the source code (Android Studio), here: https://bitbucket.org/brucelet/space-trader/src

Some sreenshots:








:My Opinion:

Its a very good port of PalmOS of same name, its very very nice for all of you who like this type of games.

Also, it has a very nice thing that Bruce gives the source code and make it free.

Its very popular on PlayStore, give it a try!

Lets check Good and Needs:

* Very Good Port; very similar to original.
* Easy and fast to play.
* Its free!.
* No ads and source!

* Interface.
* “The name”, it will be good some other name, many “space trader” on the store.
* Maybe some more options will be great, like more ships, more cargo types, or the option of having more than one ship.

PLAY: 8.9/10
SOUND: 5/10
ADS: 10/10
FINAL: #7.2#

You can install “SPACE TRADER” on the Google PlayStore:


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